Carnegie, OK 73015

X-ray and CT (outpatient & inpatient)

At Carnegie Tri-County Municipal Hospital, we are committed to providing premier quality imaging with compassion and care. Whether it’s a CT scan or a traditional X-ray, you can expect quality care and quick results performed by skilled, registered radiology technicians and read by an experienced, board-certified radiologist. We offer both inpatient and outpatient radiology services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Diagnostic X-Ray

Diagnostic radiology procedures use radiation to help identify disease or injury. X-rays penetrate body tissues and produce an image that provides vital information about normal structures as well as diseases in the body. Diagnostic X-rays are used to examine all parts of the body. For example, diagnostic X-rays can be used to identify problems in the digestive system and kidneys, and find evidence of bone fractures and dislocations.

CT Scan

A CT (or computerized tomography) scan combines computerized technology with a focused X- ray beam that passes through the body at various angles, producing clear, cross-sectional images. It is safe, fast and painless, and produces precise and accurate images of the body. A CT scan is one of a physician’s most important tools for examining the bones and internal organs. CT scans are able to detect many conditions that conventional X-rays cannot. CT scans can often take the place of other more invasive diagnostic techniques, such as exploratory surgery, saving the patient discomfort, cost, and inconvenience. The scans are also useful for monitoring a patient’s progress during or after treatment. CT scanning is considered a critical component of any evaluation of brain injuries or function. CT scans of the head may also be used to detect or rule out tumors, blood clots, and other disorders. These scans can also be especially important in diagnosing enlarged lymph nodes, pancreatic disease, back problems, or lung cancer.